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 Word Worth For Higher Education Institute

Words Worth Senior - for Colleges/Universities   

   In a free Global Economy, proper Packaging is crucial as most hiring decisions are made in the first few minutes of the interview. The Global business space will haze into their “WORTH” as a package, of domain expertise, skill, intellect, attitude, conveyed most prudently, through one’s communication skills.h connects business and professionals across the world, irrespective of nationalities and cultures. The 21st century places a demand on the Graduate’s capacity to converse, discuss, negotiate, present thoughts and ideas, deliberate and interact with people with skill, sensitivity and confidence.

     The Words Worth programme is designed to provide a winning edge to students and aspiring professionals. The programme consists of 3 progressive levels. They are designed keeping in mind the academic pattern and style of colleges and professional institutions. Each study level helps in developing essential skills from elementary to the advance level.

 Comprehensive features of Words Worth

Language Emphasis                               Salient Features     

• Vocabulary building                                • Modular structure

• Neutral Pronunciation                             • Highly Interactive   

• Word Stress                                           • Self Paced Learning

• Grammar                                                • Self-Assessment

• Intonation and Modulation                       • Blended Learning Methodology
• Forms of Communication & Skills            • Follow the International ALTE/CEFR Framework
• Evaluation, Assessment & Feedback
• International Language Certification 

Contents of Words Worth Senior
This level develops basic vocabulary and structures required for participating in day to day communication. These basic segments are imparted through Instructor Led Teaching cum Training (ILT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) sessions.

Intermediate: This intermediate proficiency level takes sizeable strides into the realm of speaking polished English. Carefully crafted to balance between how we speak and what we say, developing better communication skills, the focus is on speech sounds, pronunciations, voice modulation and accent correction coupled with grammatical accuracy. The trainee develops accuracy and fluency that leads to confidence building


Advance: This level focuses on enhancing verbal communication skills through free speech, role plays, activities and interaction. Throughout the module, learners participate in GDs, mock interviews, make presentations, etc. This makes him a perfect professional.  

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