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PL-DSP : TMS 320XXXX DSP Trainer

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  • The DSK features the TMS320C6745 DSP, a 375 MHz device delivering up to 3648 million instructions per second (MIPs)and 2736 MFLOPS
  • On board clock generator
  • White noise generator
  • Signal and noise adder
  • LCD,7 segment display
  • High -quality 24bit stereo CODEC
  • RTC interface
  • Keyboard


  • JTAG supported via USB
  • TLV320AIC23B programmable stereo codec
  • Two 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone and speaker
  • Expansion port for plug-in modules
  • Power supply : +5V, ±12V, GND
  • 8 DIP switches for inputs and 8 LED indication for output
  • Provision for manual Reset
  • 4*4 LED matrix
  • White noise source of amplitude 0~5Vpp
  • 20*2 character LCD display
  • 7 segment displays
  • RTC interface : I2C based RTC section
  • Phone keypad : 0 to 9 digits and *, # characters
  • Code composer studio for the TMS320C6745 DSK is included

  • To study the architecture of DSP chips–TMS 320c6X instructions
  • To verify linear and circular convolution
  • To design FIR(LP/HP/BP) filters using windowing technique
    a) using rectangular window
    b) using triangular window
    c) using kaiser window
  • To implement IIR(HP/LP/BP) using following window
    a) Chebyshev filter
    b) Butterworth filter
  • N-point FFT algorithm
  • N-point DFT and IDFT of given sequence
  • Frequency response of system which is given in transfer function and differential form
  • Power spectrum density
  • Generation of sine wave
  • DFT and IFFT using DIT and DIF methods
  • Auto-correlation, cross-correlation and it's property
  • Sampling of sine signal
  • Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and FSK modulation
  • FIR filter using Blackman and hamming window
  • Generation of square wave
  • Implementation of decimation, interpolation and I/D sampling rate converter
  • Impulse response of 1st and 2nd order system
  • Addition and removal of noise
  • Spectrogram of audio or sine signal
  • Generation of DTMF signals and spectrogram of DTMF signal
  • RTC displayed on LCD
  • Signal companding using µ-law
  • Generation of sinusoidal wave based on recursive differential equation
  • Generation of sinusoidal through filtering
  • To find the FFT of given signal
  • FIR filter using Fourier series expanstion method

    Image processing
  • Digital image fundamentals
  • Image enhancement
  • Image filtering
  • Image reconstruction
  • Color image processing
  • Image compression
  • Image segmentation
  • Morphology image processing

  • DSP 320 development board
  • Power supply with power cord
  • USB to JTAG emulator for DSP programing
  • Microphone and headphone
  • Patch cords
  • DVD containing deliverables
  • Experimental manual

    Note : JTAG to USB Programming Cable for DSP has to be purchased separately.


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